TV View: Programmes To Watch And The Ones To Miss | @BelTel

Being witness to only kind of Belfast shooting that’s acceptable

I was dandering up towards Hill Street the other day, past Established, that hipster coffee shop on the corner, which at any sitting contains more beards than you find in your average Eurovision winning roster. It caused me to wonder that, now we’ve reached ‘peak-beard’, how many chaps will still be sporting them a la Brian Blessed a year from now? All this hirsute reverie caused me to stumble slap bang into a very serious looking film shoot — for the second series of The Fall, as it turned out.

A stern man in a fluorescent vest waved me across the road, like he was saving me from oncoming traffic, when really I was getting in the way of a rather dramatic looking shot. I hope I’m not giving too much away by saying Bronagh Waugh, who plays the wife of psycho Jamie Dornan, was doing a scene where she was walking and looking pained at the same time. It’s a multi-tasking technique that thesps pick up in drama school, I understand. I expect all will be revealed when the second series of aar wee thriller hits the small screen.

I imagine, though, that more unpleasant things happen to women and Gillian Anderson (and Bronagh) look pained. Still, at least it took my mind of bearded men for a bit.


TV View: Programmes To Watch And The Ones To Miss | @BelTel

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