4StarCasting: Crisis – Episode 107 Chock-Full Of Cars

From facebook.com/4StarCasting-

Crisis – Episode 107 chock-full of cars. We are checking availability for the entire episode, which starts filming on Wednesday, 12/11 and completes on Friday, 12/20/13.

We may pull some people for scenes without their cars depending on the needs of production.

Please make sure to answer all the questions, including the COLOR of your vehicle. Be specific about the color of your car. While we won’t use any white vehicles, we may be able to use red if it isn’t fire engine red, for example.

Silver is a popular color, so it is helpful for us to know what kind of silver.

We are also looking for a few beater type vehicles for this episode.

Finally, we are looking for a few utility vehicles/pick-up trucks for this episode.

If you have been cast as FBI, CIA, SWAT, etc, please do not submit.

Are you registered with us? If not, go to http://www.4starcasting.com/registration.html.

YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE COMPLETING THE SURVEY. If we do not have your registration, you CAN NOT be considered.

Click on this link to submit:

Source: https://www.facebook.com/4StarCasting/posts/550115185082992

4StarCasting: Crisis – Episode 107 Chock-Full Of Cars

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