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Fall — “The Fall” is a five-part British mystery starring Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, a detective sent to Belfast to hunt down a serial killer. What is unusual for this type of program is that the viewer knows who the culprit is. Indeed, each of his killings is shown graphically — which I find repulsive and not entertaining on any level.

I will not go into further details except for a feature of the story that I find most objectionable. In many series, there are personal and professional problems facing the character(s). At the end of each series, the crime is concluded while the personal problems come to a crisis and are continued in the next series. For example, one of the detectives in “New Tricks” ends one series by trying to run over the killer of his wife who was just found not guilty. What happens next is shown at the start of the following series.

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The Fall Review |

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